"A Hero Can Be Anyone.”

When the Heroes Alliance Council first approved the request to launch an HA Tumblr, we went straight to work on documenting the activities of our various teams in action without really taking the time to introduce the organization to the Tumblr community. We’ve decided to take the opportunity now to finally give that introduction. 

The Heroes Alliance is a non-profit charity organization, currently spanning 11 states with a sister organization in the UK. The team is formed by independent superhero costuming enthusiasts who have united under the HA banner to use our hobby as a force that can have a uniquely positive effect on the lives of children in need everywhere. To accomplish this Mission, the various teams are most often found attending hospital based charity events or fundraisers. Sometimes even something as simple as a hospital room visit, just to create an opportunity for a truly struggling child to lock eyes, hold hands, and genuinely come to believe in the heroes that inspire them to never stop fighting. 

Our ranks are always open to new members. If you’re a superhero costumer who believes in this Mission, this might just be the team for you. A Hero can be anyone. 

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